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Classified Ads Philippines is Back!

Classified Ads Philippines is Back! 

This is how classified Ads Philippines looked back in 2011.

We have had this domain since 2008 and have tried several iterations of Classified Ads and have decided to bring it back to life.  In its previous life, out grew server thrice in a span of 2 years, this was before we finally launched

Why bring it back? because it makes perfect sense to use the domain that tells a story, simple and straight to the point! Its about buying and selling, its all about buyers and sellers coming online to sell their goods. We have learned a lot of things along the way and will learn many more things and it these learnings that will keep pushing us provide the service that the filipino needs. A simple cheap way to get your products and goods in front of a ready online audience.


Classified Ads Philippines is Back! classifiedadsphilippines-1024x466 - classified ads ph


What makes us different from the rest? We will do our best to give you the best online experience, it may take time but we want to do things slowly but surely. It’s a ride we hope you will be willing to take with us. A ride that will be a win-win for all.



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